Where to Live in Giessen

Are you going to live in Giessen for a few months? Here you will find a few suggestions and hints.

Most of the students live in shared apartments called Wohngemeinschaft in german or short WG. The best time to find a nice room is before classes start in september/october and during the spring holidays around march. Mostly students live near their campus to have short ways to their classes.
If you study medical science, dentistry, veterinary medicine or other natural scientific degree courses it's best to live in the Uniklinikum near the Naturwissenschaften Campus.
If you study law or economics look for a room near Licher Straße in one of the small side streets.
Most students have their classes in the Philosophikum 1 or 2. They're in the east of the city separated by the Rathenaustraße. It's handy to find a room near the Schiffenberger Weg, the city center or the Weststadt as you can take a bus easily to get to the university.
If you study geography or dietetics you can count yourself lucky as your campus is in the city center. Geography classes take place in the Zeughaus near Marktplatz and dietetics classes are hold in the main building of the JLU in the Ludwigstraße.
If you study at the THM the Schwanenteich area is your place to live as it's really nearby. Wieseck is also a nice place to live just a bit further away from the city center on another hill.
Still it depends on your preferences. If you prefer to live in the city center and take a ride to your classes it's feasible. From the city center it might take you about 15 minutes by bike or 20-30 minutes walking to all Campus. The Uniklinikum, Naturwissenschaften and Juwi Campus (law&economics) are located on hills so in comparison to the real distance it will take you a bit longer to get up there.

To find a room see the links beneath:

Also you can rent a room in a university residence. The application therefor is done along with the online application for admission. There is a special application for incomings. Don't use the normal one for german students. The rooms are given by the Studentenwerk Gießen. It's responsable for all students in Giessen. There are ten residences all over the city. The best is to choose one near your campus as the different campus are also located all over the city. Depending on the residence you get to share the bath and kitchen with 5-15 other persons having your own private room with Internet, phone and television connection. All residences are near bus stations so you can perfectly arrive and go to your classes. There are also private or doble apartment available but they're really rare so you have to be lucky to get one. Early birds first!

For more information about residences click here -> http://www.studentenwerk-giessen.de/

Rooms in the residences are usually directly free to move in when you come to Giessen.