Luggage and Package Shipping Abroad

Parcel shipping
There are two big companies in Germany for parcels and letters inside Germany and international shipping.

DHL has a co-operation with the Deutsche Post, that mean's if you go there and it's a big pack it will be delivered by DHL. If it's a small letter it comes with Deutsche Post. It's possible to frank your packages online, as it's also cheaper than if you go to the shop. In both places it's possible to buy stamps and registration cards. There are additional service available like insurance or tracking numbers.
Very practical are their pick-up stations called "Packstation". For that you register ones online or in the post office. To get your card you have to pick it up in the post office with your ID, that's it. You can send and pick up parcels whenever you want in one of thousands stations all over Germany. They're open 24/7, even on public holidays.

Another good company for parcel shipping is Hermes. Similar to DHL you can send letters and parcels inside Germany and international. Franking is possible in small shops, Hermes stations or online. Tracking numbers and additional insurances are available as well.

Luggage shipping
If you want to ship your luggage back home because, that happens to the best of us, you went shopping to much and aren't allowed to take everything on the flight with you, it's better to use the company cargointernational. As for luggage it's cheaper than DHL or Hermes.

Depending on the destination the acceptable size varies.
Luggage for shipping inside Germany may measure maximum 320cm Length and 400cm circumference weighing max. 60kg. It costs at least 7,30€ and the delivery will be after 1-2 work days.
Luggage for international shipping may measure maximum 105cm*40cm*70cm* (L*H*W) weighing max. 30kg. It costs at least 19,95€ and will be delivered after 1-2 work days.
The terms of insurance and additional services are the same for national and international luggage shipping. Your luggage will be insured till 500€. There are several additional services available like pick-up service, higher insurance, express delivery, etc. Your luggage will be delivered from Germany worldwide.