How to Get Around in Giessen

How to get around in Giessen

The students of the THM and JLU get a student's transit pass by paying the tuition fees. The pass is valid for all busses in Giessen and around and all small trains in Hesse and part of Rhineland-Palatinate. There are a few differences between the pass of THM and JLU students due to the changes from 2014.

Giessen has four train stations. The main station in the city center, Oswaldsgarten near the Neustädter Tor shopping center, Licher Straße near the Law and Economics Campus and Erdkauter Weg near the Philosophikum and natural scientific campus (Naturwissenschaften). In Giessen stop various slow trains and some InterCity trains (IC) but no InterCityExpress (ICE). Allthough they stop in Giessen, it's not possible to take an IC with the student's transit pass.

In Giessen circulate 16 bus lines inside the city stopping in all important places and two nocturnal lines called Saturn and Venus. To get to Rödgen and Lützellinden at night it's possible to take connection taxis. You have to tell the driver that you need one directly by entering the bus.

Information here:
Map of city busses
Schedules of city busses
Saturn night bus: Map Schedule
Venus night bus: Map Schedule

Also, Giessen is connected to the villages and town in the area with interurban busses run by the company VGO.
Map of interurban busses
Schedules and more information

As Giessen ain't that big for a city it's really comfortable to move by bike. The bigger streets have separated bikeways and on the smaller ones it's possible to drive on the street. It's not recommended to go by bike on the pavement as they're not wide enough and you can be sentenced to pay fines if the police stops you. Neither it's allowed to ride in the pedestrian zone.

You can get a bike in various bike shops around the town.
Bike shops:
In the university canteen:
In the city center:
Near the main station: http://www.zweirad-gö
Near Wieseck:
In Wieseck:

The bikes can be new or second hand as long as they're roadworthy. Another possible fine to pay if the police catches you riding a not roadworthy bike.

Of course it's also possible to take a taxi in Giessen, just that they're not really called taxis but "minicar" There are a lot of different companies offering minicars. They are like taxis just cheaper. Inside Giessen it will always cost about 6€ no matter the route. Just be sure you ask for a minicar and not for a taxi. Most companies offer both services but if you say taxi it will be charged more expensive.

MiniCar Companies: