Happy Erasmus Vision and Mission

Exchange students have to come over many obstacles and cope with different difficulties, mostly right after their arrival. The language, the complicated and unknown processes both in the university and in the other institutions of the city and the generally alternative bureaucracy, the search for a place to live, etc. And all that in a city, where you don't know neither the city nor anybody and don't have any friends.

A group of students of the University Valencia knew all these difficulties only too well. That's why they decided in 1994 to found Happy Erasmus. They wanted to help the exchange students coming to Valencia in a proper organized way.

Thanks to this volition, to offer the exchange students help and be their first friends in the city, Happy Erasmus developed over the years to a big group of international students, always open-minded and exerted to provide the newcomers with an amicable and helpful service.
As for us you're already one of our friends and we want you to be a member of our variegated family.

Happy Erasmus is a steadily growing family, year after year. There are thousands of students backing up that your experience with Happy Erasmus will always be amicable and affectionate.

Happy Erasmus is open to anybody who wants to help and everybody is welcome, as we know that everyone has something to contribute.

Ultimately, our biggest reward is to know that we helped to make your stay the best period of your life...

Welcome to the best year of a lifetime!