Happy Erasmus Team

Happy Erasmus welcomes you in your new city Giessen!!

HAPPY ERASMUS is a student's organisation that was founded by former erasmus students. By now many more former and actual erasmus students belong to our team. They all know the problems one has to face first-hand. We want to make the start easy for the newcomers and be their first friends in this new city.
Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, just like at home!

We're a group of young, dynamic persons from many different countries, always open-minded to those who want to join our good cause. Any help still isn't enough and everybody can contribute. That's what defines Happy Erasmus and we all hope that his amazing group will keep growing.

You will spend some time in Giessen, whether because of erasmus studies, an university internship or for an exchange period. You will gain unforgettable experience and we will be on your side with everything you might need.

We offer advice about language classes, the search for accommodations, support about orientation in the city, help with the purchase of a german SIM card and much more. We help you to make new friends at parties, trips and sports activities...

Our priority objective is to make you feel like at home.

We're awaiting you in GIessen!!!
Davide Baldaccini Felipe Jimenez Karina Jaskevica
davide@happyerasmus.com felipe@happyerasmus.com karina@happyerasmus.com
Kévin Chapelle Valentin Cristophe Arina Rovdo
Anna Soboleva Julia Walter Henrique Reis
Luisa Lourenço Juliana Araújo Chloé Mina
Freddy Cotua Sylwia Winnik Lisa Van Duin
Espe Quin Milena Dimitrova Andrea Vona
Ana Foitzik Paola Cardozo Arango Dennitas Teneva
Mario di Rocco Pape Seck Joana Alves