Happy Erasmus Network

The Happy Erasmus family keeps growing every day. We're all united by the same objective, to offer the students the best service paired with a lot of fun.
Since the foundation in Valencia we have offices in eight different countries in Europa, amongst other Germany, France, Italy and Spain. And the list keeps getting longer and longer! No association adapts itself that well to the change in Europe and the growing crowd of erasmus students. Always open to new and the general progress in Europe we spot the needs and wishes of students and tune our ears to it. In doing so the community of Happy Erasmus always stays alive and nothing can get in the way of our growth.
Alicante www.alicante-erasmus.com  
Barcelona www.happy-erasmus-barcelona.com  
Castellón www.erasmuscastellon.com www.erasmus-castellon.com
Granada www.happy-erasmus-granada.com  
Jaén www.erasmusjaen.com www.erasmus-jaen.com
Madrid www.madrid-erasmus.com  
Málaga www.malaga-erasmus.com  
Murcia www.murcia-erasmus.com  
Salamanca www.erasmussalamanca.com www.erasmus-salamanca.com
Sevilla www.sevilla-erasmus.com  
Valencia www.erasmusvalencia.com www.valencia-erasmus.com
Zaragoza www.erasmus-zaragoza.com  
Aix-en-Provance www.erasmusaixenprovence.com www.erasmus-aix-en-provence.com
Anger www.erasmusanger.com www.erasmus-anger.com
Avignon www.erasmusavignon.com www.erasmus-avignon.com
Bordeaux www.erasmusbordeaux.com www.erasmus-bordeaux.com
Caen www.erasmuscaen.com www.erasmus-caen.com
Clermont-Ferrand www.erasmusclermont-ferrand.com www.erasmus-clermont-ferrand.com
Grenoble www.erasmusgrenoble.com www.erasmus-grenoble.com
Lille www.erasmuslille.com www.erasmus-lille.com
Lyon www.erasmus-lyon.com  
Marseille www.erasmusmarseille.com www.erasmus-marseille.com
Montpellier www.erasmusmontpellier.com www.erasmus-montpellier.com
Nantes www.erasmusnantes.com www.erasmus-nantes.com
Paris www.paris-erasmus.com  
Rennes www.erasmusrennes.com www.erasmus-rennes.com
Strasbourg www.erasmusstrasbourg.com www.erasmus-strasbourg.com
Toulouse www.erasmustoulouse.com www.erasmus-toulouse.com
Giessen www.erasmusgiessen.com www.erasmus-giessen.com
Munich www.municherasmus.com www.munich-erasmus.com
České Budějovice www.ceskebudejovice.com  
Prague www.prague-erasmus.com  
Budapest www.erasmus-budapest.com  
Palermo www.erasmuspalermo.com www.erasmus-palermo.com
Florence www.erasmusfirenze.com www.erasmus-firenze.com
Perugia www.erasmusperugia.com www.erasmus-perugia.com
Genoa www.erasmusgenova.com www.erasmus-genova.com
Riga www.erasmusriga.com  
Porto www.portoerasmus.com www.porto-erasmus.com

Happy Erasmus doens't exist in your city? Catch up on how to become part of the student's community with the biggest extension in Europe.