German SIM Card

At Happy Erasmus we have SIM Cards available, we chose the best cards for erasmus and exchange students not only because they're cheap but also because of their price-performance ratio, their easy and fast activation process and the possibility to use your phone directly from the first minute. Also it has flatrates available.

Depending on your needs you can choose between two SIM Cards, and ortel. Both use the same  web by E-Plus/O2.
If you prefer being totally flexible inside Germany with good flatrates for Internet and smart combinationes we recommend
If you want to call not only numbers in Germany but at home as well, ortel will fit you best. It offers special call options with minutes you can spend on calling german and international numbers. A list with all countries you can call with your card are available on the web site of Ortel.

You can top up at our Happy Erasmus office or at any sales or recharge point,eg. supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, post offices and many more spots.