German Gastronomy

The German cuisine is so versatile, there are few dishes that are eaten in whole Germany. Every region, area and city has its own typical dishes and drinks.

German Cuisine
Some things that are eaten in entire Germany, always a bit different according to your location. Most people think
only about sausages and potatoes but there is way more that you can eat in Germany than just that.
Each region has its delicious receipt for stews, sausages and Schnitzel. Bread is also consumed a lot in Germany,
there are a lot of different types of bread made out of a diversity of grains.

Plenty of dishes contain meat like pork, beef or poultry. A good example are beef olives. They are beef rolls with pickled gherkins, bacon, mustard and onions.
They're usually served with red cabbage and potato dumplings.
Dishes always come with fixings like the already named potatoes in many different variations.
Germany is also know for its Sauerkraut mostly eaten in the South of Germany.

Spätzle is another tasty dish that depending on your situation varies in preparation. It's a kind of pasta similar to spaghetti but thicker and shorter. They are made with lots of eggs.
When you go to a german supermarket you will encounter an incredibly big plurality of dairy products.
The pudding is the most common dessert in Germany.
Typical drinks are beer (pils or beer mixed with lemonade), wine, coffee, sparkling mineral water,
juice and the mixture of both spritzer called schorle. The most common schorle is with apple juice.