Communication and Mass Media in Germany

Giessen is one of the few cities that has two regularly publishing newspapers. The Giessener Allgemeine and the Giessener Anzeiger, the oldest newspaper in whole Germany that is still being published. It was first printed in 1750 known under the name Giessener Wochenblatt. Furthermore there are the Magazin Express, also called Marbuch Verlag, that is published for Marburg and Giessen, the Giessener Express, the Mittelhessische AnzeigenZeitung (MAZ) and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) known in entire Germany.

There are various radios you can listen to in Giessen down to your music preferences. Also the radio always informs about traffic jams, streakers, wrong-way drivers and people on the highways.
Radios from Giessen are the Hessischer Rundfunk with several canals and frequences, Planet Radio (93,7 FM), YOU FM (97,9 FM) and Hit Radio FFH (105,9 FM). Also there are a few Internet radios like Always Musik, Laut.FM and Ben on Radio.

Unlike most countries in Germany it's possible to receive more than 20 channels on television. The only regional one is the Hessischer Rundfunk (hr) that belongs to the ARD. It's a public service broadcasting. Other public companies are ZDF, ARTE, 3Sat, Phoenix and KiKa (KinderKanal). Other channels are free receivable private channels from a few big companies. The channels Pro7, Sat1, kabel eins and sixx belong all to the Pro7Sat1 Group. Another big group is the RTL group with the channels RTL, RTL2, Vox, SuperRTL and n-tv. Channels like viva, N24, Eurosport Sport1, Tele5 or HSE24 don't belong to any bigger company.

To have an Internet connection at home you can choose from a diversity of companies all offering different packages, options and speed. Have a look at the duration of the minimum duration of contracts.
Some companies that install Internet at your place are 1&1, Vodafone, Telekom, Kabel Deutschland, Unitymedia and O2. These are just the biggest ones. There are way more companies.
Most Internet companies also provide landlines phones and Television.

Getting a german number for your mobile phone is simple and cheap. There are four big companies offering their own cards and providing access to their webs to a lot of small discounter companies. The big ones are Vodafone, T-Mobile (Telekom), E-Plus/Base and O2. Known discounter companies are, Simyo, Congstar, Fonic, Lebara, Yourfone and Simfinity. Almost every supermarket has its own discounter simcards.